The DebateDrills Academy Staff

Thoughtfully designed lectures, guided practice speeches, and learning material content for all ages, skill ranges, and debate events designed by accomplished former debaters and coaches.

Paras Kumar
UC Berkeley '16
He, Him, His

Raffi Piliero
Georgetown '20
Content Director
He, Him, His

Jaya Nayar
Harvard '24
2019 TOC LD 2nd Place
Founder | GirlsDebate
She, Her, Hers

Aden Barton
Harvard '24
4x Policy TOC Elims
2020 Policy TOC Champion
He, Him, His

Tej Gedela
UPenn '24
2020 Stanford LD Champion
He, Him, His

Sydney Young
Harvard '23
2018 TOC Semifinalist
NDT Qualifier
She, Her, Hers

Simran Gandhi
Oxford '24
Harvard Quarterfinals
2x TOC Qualifier
She, Her, Hers

Rex Evans
Duke '24
Glenbrooks Champion
2nd Place | 2018 TOC
He, Him, His

Cameron Baghai

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The DebateDrills Academy provides elite, interactive debate education for all skill levels, events, and ages. From thoughtfully designed lectures that contain quizzes to reinforce concepts, guided drills and exercises with sample speeches, and topic-specific resources, the Academy provides an unparalleled learning opportunity for students and teachers interested in academic debate. Sign up for free or explore some sample courses below!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does registering for the Academy cost money?

    Nope! You can make a free account and access full-length courses, guided exercises, and topic-specific resources.

  • Does the Academy provide resources for all debate events?

    Yes! We have recruited a diverse team from various event backgrounds to create useful resources for all debate events and interests. Our introductory series covers foundational debate concepts that apply regardless of debate event.

  • What’s the catch?

    There is none! A disruption of the information asymmetry that defines competitive debate has been long overdue. With the Academy, students and teachers can meaningfully learn the skills they previously could only access by attending residential debate camps over the summer or being part of an institutional program.